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Itineraries: Herculaneum

The name "Herculaneum" comes from the legend that Hercules would have founded the city after falling in love with the beauty of the places. The eruption of 79 B.C. covered the city with lava and mud which created a pack that was eventually covered with resin.
The excavations began in the 1700s unearthed Roman dwellings such as the Villa dei Papiri, which was first opened to the public in 2003, about 250 years after its discovery. The Villa owes its name to the collection of over 1000 papyrus papers retrieved and know treasured in the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Not to be missed:


Herculaneum features the most famous car boot sale: “Il Mercato di Resina” (the Resin Market), started during the Second World War. Clothes, theatre costumes and military garments are displayed and sold. It is open to the public all week long including Sundays in via Pugliano, within the the City of Herculaneum

Duration of the tour: 5 to 6 hours

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