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Itineraries: Ravello


Founded in the 6th century, Ravello is situated in one of the broadest views of the coast.
Its historical origins are not certain; it was probably founded by a Roman colony in the 6th century. Trade flourished between the 10th and 13th centuries after becoming the seat of diocese and thanks to the flourishing maritime trade, and the production of cotton and wool.
Surrounded by its architectural beauty and enchanting landscape, Ravello is regarded as the most precious gem of the Amalfi coast, and is reached through one of the most beautiful scenic roads. For this reason, it has been a favourite destination for travellers, intellectuals, artists, musicians, such as Boccaccio, Wagner and many others. The village still treasures its medieval aspect: the windy streets, houses, churches with beautiful mosaics testify the Roman, Byzantine and Southern Arab influence.

Places to visit

Villa Rufolo
It dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The building, three floors decorated in Arabic style, housed important people such as Pope Adrian IV and King Robert of Anjou.
The building includes a large hall, “dining room” with short and massive columns; on the left of the building there is a 30metre high arched tower, on the right, however, there is a cloister enclosed by arches and adorned with Arabic elements.
In the beautiful exotic garden of Villa Rufolo, Wagner found the ideal setting as the garden of Klingsor in the second act of Parsifal.

Villa Cimbrone
It could be defined as the dreamy creation of an English lord. It was a large piece of land owned by the noble Acconciagioco family, on which stood a vast rustic farmhouse. The luxurious garden of the villa, with its scattered statues, temples, inscriptions, fountains, natural caves, culminates with the spectacular panorama of the Infinite, from which the view extends and expands to capture the breathtaking view that Gore Vidal called “the most beautiful in the world”.


Ravello Festival (July-September)
Ravello and its villas are the setting for this music festival, full of classical music and jazz concerts. The inspiration, from which Wagner found here for his masterpiece Parsifal, has meant that this great artist is often celebrated during the concert season and has made Ravello famous worldwide as the “city of music”.

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